The industry is about to reach an inflection, because there is little to be gained from new manufacturing technologies anymore, except for a few rich companies and applications. For most of the industry, the free ride is over, and they will have to find new ways to get more from the same.


We are seeing potential opportunities everywhere. GPUs successfully managed to force a programming paradigm shift because without it, it was impossible to get anywhere close to optimal performance from the hardware. We are seeing similar things happening with AI across the board – even system companies coming in and designing their own devices because they can find nothing on the market that comes close to satisfying their needs. They are also creating new languages, programming paradigms and tool chains to support them.

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We are seeing opportunities within all segments of the market for processing near memory. This ranges from small IoT devices to data centers. It is not difficult to make these devices and demonstrate how much better they are, but they come at the cost of requiring software changes.


We are seeing open source hardware looking like a viable option for the first time, but the industry is perhaps not quite ready with the necessary ecosystem and tooling. In many cases, no tools exist because the market for, let’s say, processor verification tools, was so small that it was unviable to produce tools for them. It will take time for the industry to catch up.


We are seeing systems where memory performance and interfaces are getting in the way of progress, because a single contiguous, coherent memory system is easier to program, requiring no thought from the software.



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